Neville Goddard: Your Faith is your fortune


This is literally the very first sentence in the book. We were created in his image so this does make sense. But wow, I feel like I need to soak this in for a while… 

I am going to outline my favorite parts of this book, as I did with Neville’s Manifesting Miracles here

“Man does not command things to appear by his words, which are, more often than not, a confession of his doubts and fears.”

What does that say about affirmations? Interesting…

“Man cannot see how it would be possible to express that which he desires to be by so simple a law as acquiring the consciousness of the thing desired.”

I have come to know, after years and years of my own research and learning, that most things are much more simple than we believe them to be.

“The invitation of the scriptures, “To be absent from the body and be present with the Lord” [2Corinthians 5:8, 1Corinthians 5:3, Colossians 2:5], is not given to a select few; it is a sweeping call to all mankind. The body from which you are invited to escape is your present conception of yourself with all of its limitations, while the Lord with whom you are to be present is your awareness of being.”

“To accomplish this seemingly impossible feat, you take your attention away from your problem and place it upon just being. You say silently but feelingly, “I AM”. Do not condition this awareness but continue declaring quietly, “I AM – I AM”. Simply feel that you are faceless and formless and continue doing so until you feel yourself floating.”

This takes some practice. It is a form of deep meditation that has been around for a very long time. It is totally possible, just requires you to be able to sit alone, undisturbed. The term ‘floating’ is also used when describing sensory deprivation tanks. When all stimulus is removed, we are able to penetrate our subconscious mind; and really relax.

“Floating” is a psychological state which completely denies the physical. Through practice in relaxation and willfully refusing to react to sensory impressions, it is possible to develop a state of consciousness of pure receptivity. It is a surprisingly easy accomplishment. In this state of complete detachment, a definite singleness of purposeful thought can be indelibly engraved upon your unmodified consciousness. This state of consciousness is necessary for true meditation. This wonderful experience of rising and floating is the signal that you are absent from the body or problem and are now present with the Lord; in this expanded state you are not conscious of being anything but I AM – I AM; you are only conscious of being.”

“When this expansion of consciousness is attained, within this formless deep of yourself, give form to the new conception by claiming and feeling yourself to be that which you, before you entered into this state, desired to be. You will find that within this formless deep of yourself all things appear to be divinely possible. Anything that you sincerely feel yourself to be while in this expanded state becomes, in time, your natural expression.”

This above paragraph is paramount to me. Once again Neville definitively explains how to do something. He explains how to achieve ‘floating’. Then he also says once in this expansion, THEN decree your desire. Most people probably don’t go deep enough in their meditation, therefore never penetrating their subconscious mind.

“Now that the law of your being has been revealed to you, begin this day to change your world by revaluing yourself. Too long has man held to the belief that he is born of sorrow and must work out his salvation by the sweat of his brow. God is impersonal and no respecter of persons [Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11]. So long as man continues to walk in this belief of sorrow, so long will he walk. In a world of sorrow and confusion, for the world in its every detail is man’s consciousness crystallized.”

‘Revaluing yourself’. I love that. What value do you put on God? We are made in his image, and that same value should be put on ourselves. Also, most of us on some level believe we are unworthy or not good enough, and spend our entire lives trying to make up for it…’sweat of his brow’. We are worthy simply because we are here.

“You are told in the Book of Numbers that there was a time when men were in their own eyes as grasshoppers and because of this conception of themselves, they saw giants in the land. This is as true of man today as it was the day it was recorded. Man’s conception of himself is so grasshopper-like, that he automatically makes the conditions round about him appear gigantic; in his blindness he cries out for masters to help him fight his giant problems.”

What a concept. Imagine that? We make our problems bigger than they need to be. Worrying is accepting of current negative conditions. Putting faith into the wrong thing. Worry is not trusting God. Our problems do feel big, and we can certainly feel small. Knowing God is inside of us however, makes us a lot less small.

“You will never transcend your present accomplishments through sacrifice and struggle.”

Neville reminds us again. We are already worthy of our desires.

“The works are finished. All that is required of you to let these qualities into expression is the claim – I AM that. Claim yourself to be that which you desire to be and that you shall be.”

No explanation needed…

“Whom do you say that I AM?” [Matthew 16:15, Mark 8:29, Luke 9:20]. This is not a question asked two thousand years ago. It is the eternal question addressed to the manifestation by the conceiver. It is your true self, your awareness of being, asking you, its present conception of itself, “Who do you believe your awareness to be?” This answer can be defined only within yourself, regardless of the influence of another.”

How powerful. Who do you believe yourself to be? Who do you want to be? And ‘regardless of influence of another’ is saying no one can take away how you feel about you.

“Stop looking for signs. Signs follow; they do not precede. Begin to reverse the statement, “Seeing is believing”, to “Believing is seeing”. Start now to believe, not with the wavering confidence based on deceptive external evidence but with an undaunted confidence based on the immutable law that you can be that which you desire to be. You will find that you are not a victim of fate but a victim of faith (your own).”

I for one always looked for signs, as if to make sure I was on the right track. So much of what we knew is backwards. And to have confidence not based on external circumstances is not easy since what we see we believe to be real.

“All that is required of you is to believe. Believe your desires to be garments your savior wears. Your belief that you are now that which you desire to be is proof of your acceptance of life’s gifts. You have opened the door for your Lord, clothed in your desire, to enter the moment you establish this belief.”

This really resonates with me. Everywhere in the bible, it says we are supposed to live a life filled with abundance. ‘Acceptance of life’s gifts’… we are not supposed to struggle.

“No man has faith in God who lacks confidence in himself. Your faith in God is measured by your confidence in yourself. “I and My Father are one” [John 10:30], man and his God are one, consciousness and manifestation are one.”

This is profound. Lacking confidence in ourselves is lacking faith in God. This rings so true for me. God made us in his image. To put ourselves down is like putting God (his creations) down.

“When this belief is so firmly established that you feel confident of results, your desire will embody itself. How it will be done, no man knows. I, your desire, have ways ye know not of [John 4:32]; my ways are past finding out [Romans 11:33]. Your desire can be likened to a seed, and seeds contain within themselves both the power and the plan of self-expression. Your consciousness is the soil. These seeds are successfully planted only if, after you have claimed yourself to be and to have that which you desire, you confidently await results without an anxious thought.”

“To be conscious of being or possessing anything is to be or have that which you are conscious of being or possessing. Therefore, lift yourself to the consciousness of your desire and you will see it automatically outpicture itself. To do this, you must deny your present identity. “Let him deny himself” [Mark 8:34]. You deny a thing by taking your attention away from it. To drop a thing, problem or ego from consciousness, you dwell upon God – God being I AM.”

I believe Neville is talking about meditating. To ‘deny your present identity’ can only be done with you can shut out your senses (meditating). Dwelling upon ‘I AM’ is pure consciousness, while meditating. He also gives us a clue how to do this: To drop a problem, dwell upon God – I AM. (Being present).

“Close your eyes and feel yourself to be faceless, formless and without figure. Approach this stillness as though it were the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. This attitude will assure your success.”

This is a huge key here. ‘Approach this as though it were the easiest thing in the world’. We’re always trying to meditate and reach that state of consciousness, what if we acted like it was easy? What if we acted like all of this was easy?

“The moment you reach a certain degree of intensity so that you actually feel yourself to be a new conception, this new feeling or consciousness is established and in due time will personify itself in the world of form.”

Again, this is from meditation. And not just once, this must be practiced.

“Let me clarify what I mean by effective command. You do not repeat like a parrot the statement, “I AM that I AM”; such vain repetition would be both stupid and fruitless.It is not the words that make it effective; it is the consciousness of being the thing which makes it effective.”

Here we go again. Many, (including myself) would repeat affirmations until we were blue in the face. Its got to have feeling behind it. Although, I am all for ‘fake it until you make it’. If repeating affirmations, sounding like a parrot helps you disassociate from your old thought patterns, then by all means. I know I’ve done it.

“Repeat quietly but with feeling, “I AM – I AM”, until you have lost all consciousness of the world and know yourself just as being. Awareness, the knowing that you are, is Almighty God; I AM. After this is accomplished, define yourself as that which you desire to be by feeling yourself to be the thing desired: I AM that. This understanding that you are the thing desired will cause a thrill to course through your entire being. When the conviction is established and you really believe that you are that which you desired to be, then the second “I AM” is uttered as a cry of victory. This mystical revelation of Moses can be seen as three distinct steps: I AM; I AM free; I really AM!”

Nice big clue here, to know if you’re on the right track during meditations.

“Here is a simple formula. Take your attention from your present conception of yourself and place it on that ideal of yours, the ideal you had heretofore thought beyond your reach. Claim yourself to be your ideal, not as something that you will be in time, but as that which you are in the immediate present.”

At first I was like, how TF do I do that? But it’s easy to think of what you are not happy with in the present. So think of those things, and just reverse it, for example, I am fat, anxious, say I am skinny and calm.

“Can you, in the face of the army of reasons why a thing cannot be done, quietly enter into an agreement with the Lord that it is done?

Can you, now that you have found the Lord to be your awareness of being, become aware that the battle is won?

Can you, no matter how near and threatening the enemy seems to be, continue in your confidence, standing still, knowing that the victory is yours?”

It is said in neuroscience, even pondering things like this, activates the frontal lobe of the brain and starts creating new neural pathways.

“Here is an analogy that might help you to see this mystery:

Suppose you entered a motion-picture theatre just as the feature picture came to its end. All that you saw of the picture was the happy-ending. Because you wanted to see the entire story, you waited for it to unfold again. With the anti-climactic sequence, the hero is displayed as accused, surrounded by false evidence, and all that goes to wring tears from the audience. But, you, secure in the knowledge of the ending, remain calm with the understanding that, regardless of the seeming direction of the picture, the end has already been defined.

In like manner, go to the end of that which you seek; witness the happy end of it by consciously feeling you express and possess that which you desire to express and possess; and you, through faith, already understanding the end, will have confidence born of this knowledge.”

What an incredible analogy.

“Man feels so secure in his man-made laws, opinions and beliefs that he invests them with an authority they do not possess. Satisfied that his knowledge is all, he remains unaware that all outward appearances are but states of mind externalized.”

There are a lot of things we automatically believe as fact or law. This is where quantum physics comes into play as well. (I will get into that in another article).

“It might take a moment or a year – it is entirely dependent upon the degree of conviction. As doubts vanish and you can feel “I AM this”, you begin to develop the fruit or the nature of the thing you are feeling yourself to be. When a person buys a new hat or pair of shoes, he thinks everyone knows that they are new. He feels unnatural with his newly acquired apparel until it becomes a part of him. The same applies to the wearing of the new states of consciousness.When you ask yourself the question, “How would I feel if my desire were at this moment realized?” the automatic reply, until it is properly conditioned by time and use, is actually disturbing.”

I love this. ‘A moment or a year’. It does not have to take long. And I love the analogy of the new shoes, because it does feel unnatural. Asking how it would feel is disturbing is interesting too. It’s because you are going against how you have felt your whole life. This is such a different concept to what we’ve been told or learned.

“Your problem might have you so hypnotized by its seeming reality and naturalness that you find it difficult to wear the new feeling or consciousness”

The reason this can be is our mind-body can become addicted to the chemical reactions it produces (even negative). So when we try to introduce new feelings and emotions, our mind-body’s will tell us to go back to our old ways because it’s familiar and easier. Just like when you decide to exercise and your mind says, ‘start tomorrow’.

“The faith of the undisciplined man cannot really be called faith. For if the armies, medicines or wisdom of man in which his faith is placed be taken from him, his faith and courage go with it. But from the disciplined one the whole world could be taken and yet he would remain faithful in the knowledge that the state of consciousness in which he abides must in due season embody itself.”

This is great. It’s saying faith needs to be unshaken. No matter the evidence.

“Stand still in the psychological state defined as your objective until you feel the thrill of Victory. Then, with confidence born of the knowledge of this law, watch the physical realization of your objective… Set yourself, stand still and watch the salvation of the Law with you…”


This book was really wonderful and I highly recommend anyone reading it. We just need to get into the state we are looking for, and give thanks as if we already have our desire. Think FROM our desired state; not OF it. ❤






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