How to create and watermark a picture on your phone

I own my own business and love watermarking my images. But sometimes you need to do it on the fly, and not wait until you are at a computer (like posting to instagram for example). This is my favorite way to watermark photos from my phone. I use iWatermark (free) for this.

First we will need to create a logo/image to use as a watermark. (This needs to be on your phone already). So if it’s on your computer, plug your phone into your computer via USB and place the picture file in the same folder as your other pictures on your phone.

For help removing backgrounds from your logo, see my post here.

Creating the watermark only needs to be done once, but it does require a few extra steps than just watermarking a photo. I will explain both. First, open up iWatermark and select the picture you want to watermark (it’s a little backwards, but the app doesn’t let you create a watermark until you’ve selected the photo you want to watermark).


Then select your photo and click done:


Now it brings you back to the main app screen (you will notice your photo is behind the menu). Select create graphic watermark:


No click image and find/select your logo for your watermark:


You will now see your logo on your photo:


Here you can resize your logo by pinching two fingers on it, and change the angle etc. I like to change the opacity to 50% on mine (this is just my preference) Click the edit button bottom left:


Like so:


Now I will save my watermark. Click Save and Exit, then pick a name for your watermark:


Now you will be brought back to your main menu screen again. Select watermark photo:


Once clicked, a list of watermarks will come up. The one you just created should be the first one (there are some generic watermarks in there as well for you to use:


Once selected, hit save. You can also reposition the watermark at this step too.

Then click save & exit at the bottom. You can share this directly to instagram etc from here. I like to save it to my photo library.


Note: Once the watermark is created, you can simply open a photo, select watermark photo, and save it. Nice and easy.



Weekend away of drag racing and another realization

I went to Maryland last weekend for the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway; What a blast! definitely the best event I have ever been to.

I was nervous about going (as I have been in the last year or so with Anxiety) I am afraid I will get sick to my stomach and not be able to make the 8 hour drive down. Or afraid I will be trapped in some way. My anxiety has shown all its colors in the last few years! Anyway, I have been struggling with the strangest neck / throat pain in the last few months. I have had many tests, scans, doctor appointments and the only thing they can tell me is it could be stress; but at times I feel like I am choking, or my throat is closing. It drives me nuts!

What I noticed even though I was nervous about going to Maryland, once I got there, and was at the drag strip, my pain/discomfort was GONE!

I am and have always have been so passionate about racing, and this event was second to none. So it was worth going on this trip just for that. When I don’t constantly think about how much my neck situation bothers me, it goes away. Which leads me to believe it is stress. I currently have a job with a lot of down time. I should be grateful, because it leaves me time to do things like blog and read, but it also allows my mind to go bizerk!

So lesson two lessons learned.

#1 – Drag Racing is still my #1 Passion, I can feel it in my heart and soul. Nothing compares to it, even when I just have to spectate.

#2 – I still have a lot of work to do on my thoughts.

I have made progress; and I journal/tell myself that all the time. I believe my level of anxiety is much lower than it used to be, and I am responding instead of reacting.

The other thing about my job is, the people I work with are a little lazy and dysfunctional. And if I am not careful, I focus on it, it drives me nuts and I feel worse. I need to keep my focus on my dreams, goals, and what I am grateful for. I am not even sure what kind of work I want to do, although I would love to help other people some how, through my struggles.

My life’s biggest passion: Drag racing

This morning I decided I wanted to make this blog more than just an online journal. I want to include parts of me, and what I love. I will be elaborating on this topic more with my other loves. But my numero uno love, second to none is racing…drag racing to be specific.

A little history on this…

I have a father who loves cars as long as I can remember. I can remember being as young as five years old and liked mowing the lawn. Dad would let me ‘walk with him’ pushing the mower, and then he would give me $1. Not a bad deal. I realized my desire to learn how engines worked began then.

I also remember Dad taking me to the drag racing track around the same age. I was too young to know what it was, but this exposure became relevant a few years later. I first felt a connection of my own with cars when I was about 13 and first saw a 1990 Honda crx. I instantly  fell in love with this car, its unique body lines, no frills interior, and subsequently became fascinated by internal combustion engines. I had to know how they worked.

I loved this particular Honda because it came with a small displacement engine, but due to its light-weight, and immense handling capabilities through correct weight distrbution; when swapped with a larger, honda motor they produced measurable results on the track. Thus my love was born of light weight, four cylinder cars. I have also tinkered with mitsubishi’s, corvette’s, and even a saturn!

I spent my teen years focused on learning as much as I could about cars, engines, whatever I could, always fascinated, wanting to learn more and the more I learned, it was like the less I learned I knew! It was ever evolving, and ever satisfying.

I started modifying my own cars in 2002 or so, and have just been learning, and growing ever since.

I started drag racing in 2004, and have never looked back. Having been to the ‘drag strip’ many times when I was young, I already knew with these surroundings, they felt familiar. I still remember the first time I ‘staged’ my car to race, the feeling, the adrenaline; nothing compares…it felt perfect. I was enthralled, I loved it. And I always wanted to improve my times and go faster. I love the feeling of racing something, that I built with my own hands!


Something else interesting happened. I had an innate natural ability to drag race. I cannot really describe it, but it just comes to me. I am at peace on the track, my mind, reflexes, body just work together like a perfectly orchestrated symphony. There is nothing on this earth that I have experienced that compares. This is my Bliss.

Engine Removal 2.0

And ever since I have spent 90% of my free time working on, racing or enjoying my car (s).