Dr Joseph Murphy – Self Confidence

I have been an avid fan of Dr Joseph Murphy for many years. This has become one of my favorite recordings of all time; especially at this point in my life right now. I am going to dissect and talk about my favorite parts for myself and anyone else who finds him as wonderful as I do.

Mans greatest need is to believe in himself. In what he is doing, and in his ultimate destiny.

I love this, we all need a destiny. A direction. Where we want to end up.

Self reliance or self confidence, finds its greatest outlet when it is accompanied by a belief that the real self of man is God. And that with God, all things are possible.

I LOVE knowing that God is the life force inside of me. It gives me strength.

The bible gives the key to building spiritual self reliance: ‘But without faith, it is impossible to please him. For he that cometh to God, must first believe that God is. And he’s a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.’

I have struggled with this for years. So we need to believe in God first. Its so hard to believe in something you don’t feel you have proof of, but that is in fact the definition of faith: ‘firm belief in something for which there is no proof.’

Down through the ages, all men and women who have possessed spiritual self reliance, have had a deep abiding conviction, that they were one with the God-presence within.

This is an interesting connection as well. Success=faith. There may be something to this, not many talk about.

God is the living spirit within you. You give your attention, your devotion, your loyalty to the spirit within you, which created the universe. And created you. It’s all powerful. Knows all and sees all. when you are in tune with it, that infinite power responds to you, and you do marvelous things.

I doubt everyone takes this literally. ALL your attention, devotion, loyalty. Not just some casual feeling. And then being in tune with it, it responds… love that.

Great men accomplished the so-called impossible, through the absolute conviction. That they could do what they set out to do through the divine power which strengthened them and inspired them. They were all men, born like you were.

Absolute conviction… That I want. I used to search for that. But now I think its something we must practice, get good at, accumulate.

You can accomplish little in this world without faith. The farmer when he plants his seed has faith in the science of agriculture. The chemist has faith in the laws and principles of chemistry. The doctor has faith in his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology. The engineer has implicit faith in the laws of mathematics. And he builds a building according to scientific laws which existed before any man walked this earth.

I LOVE these literal examples! A farmer just knows as fact a seed will sprout, etc. The law of faith is the same as any other law…

You can have the same abiding faith in the laws of your own mind, which are the same yesterday, today and forever.

Laws do not change. I love pondering and getting to know the laws of mind.

A man is living in the dark ages who thinks the principal of chemistry and mathematics are different from the principals and laws operating in his own mind. These mental and spiritual laws are just as dependable and undeviating as the laws of gravitation boyle’s law or Avogadro’s law.

There it is again…what an incredible concept. To ponder the laws of my mind work as absolute as the laws of gravity.

If you picture yourself as a failure, you will fail. Think of yourself as a success, you’re born to succeed and to win, the infinite can’t fail. Picture yourself successful, happy and free and you will be.

I constantly say that over and over to myself: ‘I am born to win, I am born to succeed’. God can’t fail, and if he is in us, we can’t fail.

Whatever you think and feel as true in your conscious mind is embodied in your subconscious, and comes to pass into your experience. That’s the law of mind; undeviating, immutable, timeless and changeless.

I still enjoy knowing the laws of the mind are like any other law.

We’re not talking about faith in creeds, or dogmas, or traditions. We’re talking about faith in your own feeling, in the laws of your own mind, in the goodness of God. Faith in that creative intelligence which responds to your thought.

Faith in our own feeling…

Fear is faith in the wrong thing. Fear is faith upside down. Have faith in the goodness of God. Have faith in divine love, have faith in the healing presence that made you, to heal you.

Probably my favorite line in the whole recording (well one of them). Fear is faith upside down. I know for myself it is so easy to conjure up fear. SO easy. But faith is not as easy.

The law of life is the law of belief. What do you believe in? To believe is to accept something as true. Believe in whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are of good report, believe in these things.

This goes in hand with the above about faith. Life is the law of life. Having or choosing beliefs. We must believe life is on our side. And good things can and do happen.

The first step in building self reliance or self confidence is to believe in that infinite power within you. Which grows hair on your face,  which digests your food, grows your nails and governs your heartbeat. All these are invisible and yet they are real.

Again with literal examples. We know we have bodily functions that we do not control or monitor, so it’s easier to relate this to being the infinite power within us.

So believe in that infinite power within you. Recognize and know that the self of you is God. That’s your higher self, the living spirit within you. It’s the very life principal in you, through you and all around you.

I used to struggle with this: ‘recognize and know’. But how?! It’s just a choice. Choice to recognize and know.

The second step is to commune regularly with this infinite presence and power. And have a vision. Realizing you’ll go where your vision is. And your vision is what you’re mentally looking at, what you’re giving attention to. What your thinking quietly, silently and feelingly at this moment, that’s where you are going. Let your vision be on abundance, right action, inspiration, and divine guidance.

This I need constant reminders of. And partly why I made this post. It is not enough to be familiar with these concepts, or hear this recording once. We must continue to meditate and ponder these words. These truths. And the vision part. Saying you need money is not enough. Where are you in your mind when you have the money? We need a mental picture, feel ourselves there.

What difference does it make if you have floundered and failed many times, now that you know the divine presence indwells you. And that the infinite intelligence and infinite power and the infinite life principal is the God presence within you. You know it responds to you. Wants you to be happy. Stir up that divine gift within you. Trust that creative intelligence within you, moreso than you’ve ever trusted your human father or mother.

This gives me hope as well. We tend to think we have tried things so many times to no avail. Well as Les Brown said, ‘it ain’t over until I win‘.

When the thought comes to you, ‘I cannot do this’, affirm ‘but the divine presence can, its the infinite presence, the infinite power, there’s nothing to oppose it or challenge it, it is almighty. If the thought comes, look at all the difficulties and obstructions. Realize and know, and say boldly to yourself: ‘Infinite Intelligence and infinite power knows no obstruction, delays or impediments.’ Find an affirmation which counteracts all your negation, and your life will become more blessed and beautiful through all the years. You will find your challenges will be transformed into opportunities. Your fear will turn to faith. And your doubt will turn into certainty that the infinite healing presence is within you, and wonders happen, as you tune in upon it.

I use this all the time in my daily life when facing struggles. ‘I may not know, but God does’. It is very soothing.

The ways of your subconscious are past finding out. Money is an idea. A simple exchange.

Make up your mind now, this minute; that you can do what you want to do. And can be what you sincerely want to be, and can have what you wish to possess. And it will be done to you as you believe. Let nothing move you or shake your conviction. Make it a part of your mentality. And with this kind of belief, you will inevitably succeed and move forward in life.

Another favorite part of this. I have this written down and look at it constantly. Sometimes we think we need to wait for proof and things to hold on to. In all my years of studying, I am thinking we just need to make up our minds. ‘Signs follow, they do not precede’ as they say.

What is is that the wealthy man or the prominent business man possesses that you do not? Only one thing. It is self reliance or self confidence. He believes in himself and the powers within him. Both of which, of course, mean the same things. Self reliance and self confidence are one. Confidence means with faith. Faith in a principal and the powers of your mind. Just like an engineer, has faith in the principals of mathematics.

Imagine? That’s it? A belief in himself/power within him? I can’t say I’ve ever had a strong conviction like that.

You meet men and women who have reached the top of their professions. They have marvelous homes, they’re successful in their prayer life, relationship with the divine. ALL this is due to their implicit trust and faith in that inner power within them. They place their WHOLE reliance on that infinite guiding principal: on the divine love, divine protection, in all ways. Their words, actions, demeanor, and general attitude radiate power and confidence.

This is another thing I need to do. Place my whole reliance on God…

The inside controls the outside. The riches of the infinite are within you, and all around you. Shakespeare said all things be ready if the mind be so. All you have to do is call on the infinite presence and power, and it will respond to your thought.

Faith, belief, conviction, self confidence, knowing the power of God is within you. ❤


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