Dr Joseph Murphy – Overcoming Worry

Do you ever listen to something 1000 times, and on the 1001 time, something else clicks? This is why I love the recording ‘Overcoming Worry’ by Dr Joseph Murphy. Not only is his voice so soothing, but his message is equally as soothing; for my whole being. Here are my favorite parts and notes on what they mean to me:

“God is the source of my supply – And I know God is the life principal within me, because I know I am alive.”

I love this because it is easy to grasp. We know we are alive. And there is a life force within us.

“God gave me this desire, the almighty power is now backing me up, revealing to me the perfect plan of its un-foldment, and I rest in that conviction.”

Imagine that. God gave me my desire. Well that certainly feels good. Especially when it feels like it is never going to happen. To sit and ponder this notion.

“The worried mind is confused, divided, thinking aimlessly about a lot of things which are not true.”

“Your problem is in your mind, you have a desire, a realization which would solve your problem, but when you look at conditions and circumstances as they are, a negative thought comes to your mind, and your desire is in conflict with your fear.”

We need to look beyond our current circumstances. What we can see with our senses.

“Your worry is your minds acceptance of the negative condition”

How amazing is that sentence? Is it just me this morning, or is this so true. We worry, meaning we are accepting our ‘conditions’. Like worrying about money. Meaning, you don’t see a way out, or a way things will get better, so you worry. (Of course this is normal, given the society we are in). But what if we didn’t have to worry?

“Realize that your desire is the gift from God. God is the living spirit within you.”

Here it is again. Our desire is from God. How soothing that is.

“When worried thoughts come to your mind, remind yourself that infinite intelligence is bringing your desire, ideal, plan or purpose to pass in divine order. That’s supplanting the negative thought. Continue with this attitude of mind and the day will break and the shadows will flee away.”

Sometimes I have to do this over and over again. To remind myself. It is so interesting to me how we are wired to default back to worry, automatically.

“The almighty power is within me. Enabling me to be, to do, and to have. This wisdom and power of the almighty, backs me up and enables me to fulfill all my goals. I think about the wisdom and the power of the almighty regularly and systematically. And I no longer think about obstacles, delays, impediments and failure. I know that thinking constantly along this line, builds up my faith and confidence, and increases my strength and poise. For God hath not given us this spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.”

I don’t believe we are here to fail. But to prosper, succeed and help others.

“These truths enter into his conscious mind, and then the brain sends these healing vibrations all over his system, they go into his subconscious mind, and like spiritual penicillin, they destroy the bacteria of worry, fear, anxiety and all these negative thoughts.”

“A cleansing of the mind, like you cleanse out your old home, wash the windows, if you don’t keep your house clean, all sorts of insects come in, the paint falls off the walls, all manner of things begin to happen. Because you have to keep cleaning the house, don’t you. Well the house is your mind, you have to keep constantly cleaning it, filling it with truths of God, which crowd out of the mind everything unlike God.”

I LOVE this. It’s so true and easy to relate to. We need to constantly affirm God’s truth. Not listen to the fears and worries.

“If you’re worried about your business, why don’t you change that, and say why don’t I bless my business. Why don’t I pour out benediction upon it. Why don’t I claim what’s true of God is true of it. Why don’t I do this? Am I lazy, listless, a sloppy thinker? A dirty mind? Or am I willing; to what is right. Therefore if you are, you will say my business is Gods business. The peace of God floods it. The love of God flows through it. It’s divinely guided, wherever it is, God is. It’s in the secret place of the most high, watched over by God and God alone.”
“How then could you be worried?”

Lazy, listless, sloppy. Lol. I remember when I first heard that, and thought WTF? But its true when you think about it. It’s like when you’re trying to eat right. Its easy to just grab a bag of chips than to prepare something healthy. It’s the same with worry thoughts.

“Your actual difficulty is that you have inward sense of insecurity, and not in-tune with the infinite. And with your own thoughts you can get in-tune with the infinite any moment, you want. Therefore isn’t that laziness?”

I also love this. If I/we really knew and felt the power of God inside of us, how could we worry about anything?

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