Gratitude and your Brain

bigstock_gratitude_22724237Nowadays you hear about gratitude everywhere. Be grateful, stay grateful no matter what, even during trying times. This can be difficult to say the least.
I had an insight about this while laying in bed the other night.

I recently discovered Dr Joe Dispenza (see my post here), and found him so insightful and refreshing. He talks a lot about our emotional patterns, and how our body learns and adapts to them. And ultimately craves what has been familiar. It reminded me of gratitude.

We can always find things to be grateful for. Sometimes hearing that would annoy me, like, ‘Yeah yeah I am grateful I have arms and legs, I get it.’ But it’s actually so much more than that. There have been studies that show being grateful actually changes your brain. It is always a good idea to make gratitude lists, and see how much you have to be grateful for.  I do this often, especially if I am feeling down or stressed and to see how far I’ve come. Looking back over my past, I have come a lot further than it feels like at times.

But the reason for this post is if we are constantly ungrateful, then no matter what great circumstances come, our brains will be ‘wired’ to not be grateful. Our brains have unconscious patterns that it learns and gets used to. So it’s not only important to stay grateful to feel a little better, but also so we don’t get stuck in unconscious patterns, so when good stuff does come our way, we can appreciate it.

One last thing. There will always be contrast in your life. For instance, if you have financial lack right now, you may be worried about money. If you win the lottery tomorrow, you may worry about having too much money. Life will always have contrast. We can find things to be grateful in any moment.


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