Dr Joe Dispenza

I recently discovered Dr Joe Dispenza.

I need to make a post about remarkable he is. Dr Joe is known for being in the movie: What the bleep do we know? Which was a documentary about quantum physics, and our thoughts, which I absolutely loved. (This was made in 2004).

Fast forward to 2016, during my Neville Goddard studies (which I am enthralled in), my brother sent me a link to a video of Dr Joe Dispenza. I didn’t even watch this at first because when I am studying an author or teacher, I have learned from experience that  I need to stick to one person/topic or I get off track.

Well, a few days later, he asked me about it, and I decided to watch it. It changed my world. I have always loved the spiritual aspect of change and the subconscious mind, but also had an innate fascination with the scientific facet too.

(Watch the first video I watched here).

What I love about Dr Joe are his scientific explanations. For me, studying Neville and Dr Joe, bring the spiritual and the scientific together. They are very different, but have the same message. Shut out the outside world (your senses – through meditation), and become pure consciousness. No person, no thing, no identity.

Neville talks about God being our consciousness, inside of us. Dr Joe has the exact same message; just through science and quantum physics. Dr Joe says, “If you want to change your life by thought alone, then you must become thought alone.” I absolutely LOVE that statement. It’s so true.

Quantum Physics is the science of the very small (subatomic/unseen). Where the regular laws of physics (relativity) apply to molecules and atoms, once down to the subatomic size, these laws no longer apply, and things get strange. Some call it the science of infinite possibilities. At this level, all matter is derived from pure light/energy.

Dr Joe basically talks about these possibilities and how these laws pertain to our minds. He believes we create our realities through our thoughts, and our desires are just thoughts away.

The one thing that Neville and Dr Joe have in common is they both agree it is mandatory to ‘shut the outside world out’ (or meditate) to have any real impact on your reality/life/desires.

What I love most about what Dr Joe has taught me, is some of our emotional reactions are just learned patterns that our body gets accustomed to: the chemical release. After a while, our bodies just unconsciously experience and then crave the same chemicals that it’s used to (positive or negative). I know, this sounds kind of crazy, but hear me out.

Think about when you can’t remember a phone number, so you look at a phone’s number pad and remember. How did you do that? Who did that? It wasn’t your brain. It was your body. Your body develops habits from repetition. Your body also adapts to certain chemical  (emotional) reactions. Think of a professional athlete. Their day to day life of physical actions and emotions are going to be different from the average person. The body adapts. The same goes for negative emotional experiences; the body adapts. It actually craves/looks for those same chemicals since that’s what it is used to running on. (This makes so much sense to me as to why things seem to keep reoccurring to me, or others around me).

Why this resonated so much with me, is I used to have IBS. And it just did not make sense. I used to have severe anxiety attacks as well, but never IBS. IBS developed out of nowhere one year, and I just felt in my heart something was wrong with me. (Not necessarily that I had some incurable disease because I don’t believe in that stuff); But that something was just not right. I would get very emotional, anxious and cry when my stomach was upset, then feel some strange relief when it was finally over.

When I heard from Dr Joe that our bodies can get used to certain emotions, even crave them, I had an AHA moment. Something was wrong with me! But I was not broken. My body was just so used to the anxiety, and negative emotional reactions. (I used to worry a great deal every time I got IBS that it was food poisoning or something else extreme). So after hearing Dr Joe say this, I thought to myself, I am not going to overreact, or panic at all.  I am just going to let it come and go. And you know what? I don’t even have IBS anymore! It was not easy, our bodies can even go into a withdrawal and push harder for those old, familiar emotions (like trying to worry me even more). What I would (and still) do is when I have a negative or anxious thought/emotion is, immediately replace it. For  instance, we all know what relief feels like, (sitting down in a comfy chair after a long day, or going on vacation etc) So just FEEL that emotion. Now I do that all day. Constantly, intentionally make myself feel relief and calm. Sigh out loud, or put a smile on my face (our subconscious takes mental pictures of our face). And I know my body is starting to want those feelings and emotions more. I have noticed a difference  in my level of worry and anxiety.

Dr Joe also says when we start to do this, and no longer react to the same old, negative emotional patterns, we are literally re-wiring our brains. Any time we even ponder a ‘what if’ thought, (like, what if I never had IBS again) we are activating our frontal lobe and actually creating new neural pathways! How exciting! And it makes so much sense.

Another thing I do is I am always conscious of my thoughts now. Every single one. Human beings have around 60,000 thoughts a day. What are the chances some of those are negative or the same old thought patterns? Pretty high. Watching my thoughts was eye opening. We get so used to routines and it becomes unconsciously automatic. Just having these intentions changes our brain chemistry. Dr Joe teaches seminars and has done many studies on human brains to back up these claims. I find it all so fascinating and empowering.

And having it coincide with my Neville/spiritual studies, hearing the same message, just proves to me I am on the right track.


5 thoughts on “Dr Joe Dispenza

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  2. I listen to Joe Dispenza’s podcasts/messages pretty much every morning. My favorite saying of his is: “Your personality creates your personal reality, and if you want to experience a new personal reality, you literally have to become someone else”. I also think it is important to note here that these things take time. It is like learning to play a musical instrument… it might take years before you get really really good at it. Thanks for sharing here… this was well written.


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