How to Watermark a photo – on your computer

I was recently asked how I watermark my photos, so I am going to do two separate write ups. One for how to do it on a computer and another on how to do it on your phone.
The first thing you will need to do is make sure your logo has a transparent background. If it does not, you will need to open it in Windows Paint and convert it from a jpg to a png file.
Right click on your image, select open with > paint. Once in Paint, click save as > scroll down to .png and click save.
Now go back to your logo file and open it in Snag It (snag it can be downloaded here).

(NOTE: I always save this stuff on my desktop, you can move it later. Keep it easy to find for now).

Now we need to get rid of the background color of the image. Your logo might look something like this:

5-30-2016 11-39-59 AM
In snag it, click on the draw tab up top, right next to file. Then click on the bucket icon, click the fill button, and select transparent. Then use the point of your bucket icon and click to make things transparent. See a my video on this step here:


Next you will need to open the image in snag it that you want to watermark. (I am using a picture of my jeep).
Now we will create the watermark.
First click on the image tab up top (next to draw).

Over on the right up top there is a little button watermark with a water droplet icon. Click on it. Now you need to find your watermark logo/image. Where it says file location, click it and find your logo, hopefully it’s on your desktop.
Then click open. See how I did it here:

Now you will see the watermark is probably not the size you are looking for. We also have the choice to underlay or overlay the watermark. (It automatically does overlay).

Here is how to adjust the scale for an overlay watermark:

An Underlay watermark is a little trickier since there are different angle options to underlay it. It’s basically your preference. I will show you how I did it here:

Also keep in mind, whatever watermark you use, style and size are saved in snag it’s settings next time you click the watermark button.

That’s about it. See my post about how to watermark your pictures from your phone here.


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