How to create and watermark a picture on your phone

I own my own business and love watermarking my images. But sometimes you need to do it on the fly, and not wait until you are at a computer (like posting to instagram for example). This is my favorite way to watermark photos from my phone. I use iWatermark (free) for this.

First we will need to create a logo/image to use as a watermark. (This needs to be on your phone already). So if it’s on your computer, plug your phone into your computer via USB and place the picture file in the same folder as your other pictures on your phone.

For help removing backgrounds from your logo, see my post here.

Creating the watermark only needs to be done once, but it does require a few extra steps than just watermarking a photo. I will explain both. First, open up iWatermark and select the picture you want to watermark (it’s a little backwards, but the app doesn’t let you create a watermark until you’ve selected the photo you want to watermark).


Then select your photo and click done:


Now it brings you back to the main app screen (you will notice your photo is behind the menu). Select create graphic watermark:


No click image and find/select your logo for your watermark:


You will now see your logo on your photo:


Here you can resize your logo by pinching two fingers on it, and change the angle etc. I like to change the opacity to 50% on mine (this is just my preference) Click the edit button bottom left:


Like so:


Now I will save my watermark. Click Save and Exit, then pick a name for your watermark:


Now you will be brought back to your main menu screen again. Select watermark photo:


Once clicked, a list of watermarks will come up. The one you just created should be the first one (there are some generic watermarks in there as well for you to use:


Once selected, hit save. You can also reposition the watermark at this step too.

Then click save & exit at the bottom. You can share this directly to instagram etc from here. I like to save it to my photo library.


Note: Once the watermark is created, you can simply open a photo, select watermark photo, and save it. Nice and easy.



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