Neville Goddard


Some of my Neville books

Neville Goddard is an author of many written and audio books.

All his work revolves around an interpretation of passages from the Bible: “Rather than look at the Bible as a historical record of an ancient civilization or the biography of the unusual life of Jesus, see it as a great psychological drama that takes place in human consciousness. Takes drama as yours and I’ll turn to these lights sterile world deserts of Egypt to the promised land of Canaan “ ( “At your command ” , unofficial translation of the in 1939 ).

In conferencing and in his books early, Neville addressed mainly what he called the “Act” technique to create your physical reality through imagination, being correlated with such teachings are so-called “New Thought” movements. Describing the “Act” Neville recalls personal episodes, recounting how he traveled from New York to Barbados during the [Great Depression] without any money, or how, and using only the power of his imagination. One of the repeated suggestions in preaching the “Law” is to “review”. The revision aims at changing reliving reality with imaginary events that we wanted to run otherwise. This type of meditation is to imagine a scenario based on circumstances of an undesirable event, but with a favorable end.

The theological vision of Neville on the “Promise” evokes a cosmogony union with God ( self-awareness, God-within, higher self), and that union is the very purpose of everyone’s life, purpose of which route is described in the Bible – a psychological drama that it is common to every man. He said about the “promise” that “it is not winning; it is a gift and a blessing of entirely thanks. Divine promise is unconditional; Divine Law is conditional ” and comes at the right time.

Neville also says Jesus is your imagination. Jesus lives through your imagination. Jesus is your desire. What an idea to ponder. My imagination and desire are from God. I absolutely love that concept.

Here is one of my favorite Neville Goddard Lectures. He is so soothing:

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