Catherine Ponder

Catherine Ponder’s books are considered some of the most inspirational works, and known as one of the pioneers of positive thinking. She is a minister of the non denominational Unity Church since 1956, an alternative US religious sect, has written several books about how to become wealthy dating from the 1960s to just a few years ago. Her works continue to sell well and receive good reviews from readers eager to learn how they can help themselves overcome life’s challenges.

Her beginnings

After studying business she enrolled in the Unity Ministry School, receiving a bachelor of Science in education in 1956. Catherine wrote her first prosperity book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity in the early 1960’s whilst she was living in Birmingham, Alabama. Her life expanded dramatically whilst she was in the midst of finishing that book. She has also given many lectures on the universal principles of prosperity.

Ratings of Catherine Ponder’s Works

Readers adore Catherine’s books. They continue to sell well, new or used, on Amazon and other book-selling sites while reviews give these self-help books 4 or 5 stars ll of the time.

Biblical Teaching

Catherine Ponder has studied the bible intensely. Contemplating on God’s word and providing insight. She is one of few who has brilliantly made the link between faith in God and wealth. One can look inward to find direction and support from God within us. That was Catherine’s main point to be made.

In her book Pray & Grow Rich, she has many chapters on the different forms of non-traditional prayer. From Prayers of relaxation, cleansing to receive, protection, decrees (more on this in a second), miracles, meditation, silence, and realization. In one of the chapters, she suggests seeing God next to you during a difficult or stressful time. This is one of my favorites. I have done this with great success and found it to be very soothing.

In her lectures, she talks about her Prosperity Decrees. These are not simple, idle affirmations, instead these are powerful statements, when repeated over and over, reach your subconscious mind. Her Decrees are as follows:




Successful Self-help Guru

Readers seeking the advice and inspiration these books have to offer are also looking for a specific thing; the secrets to financial security and temporal success in this and other aspects of life. They won’t be disappointed. Ponder is as good as her word, unraveling the mysteries of financial struggle and the secrets for turning one’s fortunes around. And tuning into our infinite nature within.



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