The Works Of Dr Joseph Murphy


Some of my Joseph Murphy Books

Dr Joseph Murphy, an ordained minister of an alternative modern religion, was considered one of the 20th Century’s great thinkers and speakers. He wrote numerous self-help books which remain popular today but also spoke to crowds in his capacity as a minister of Divine and Religious Science. His lectures and sermons were met with huge audiences weekly. How have his books impacted society? What were they about and can they help you today?

Self-help Trend

Today’s reader is familiar with the self-help model. It is a popular notion that one can learn ways to be more successful without visiting a counselor and that the power to do so comes from within. Dr Murphy was one of the more profoundly popular and influential advocates of this way of thinking, influential on the public and also on future thinkers in the same vein. He certainly lived a long life. Born in Ireland in 1898, he died 83 years later in California. Murphy’s teachings appear to have served him well. Had he lived into the current century, Murphy might have been surprised to learn that his works can be purchased on Kindle and from online book stores such as Amazon, maintaining mainstream popularity even 35 years after his death. They were not part of the landscape in 1981.

Murphy’s Self-Help Topics

Dr Joseph Murphy’s books looked at subjects such as achieving wealth, happiness, and success. He also talked about harnessing the power of prayer, and the subconscious mind, but not in the traditional Christian sense. Although readers are sometimes confused by his title as a minister, it is clear that his beliefs and teachings fell outside biblical Christian thought. This confusion could be deemed a negative aspect of his cultural legacy, but Christian readers looking for biblical applications don’t take long to realize their mistake. Otherwise, Murphy is said to have helped many men and women improve their lives by learning how to visualize their desires and make them reality.


Many readers continue to write letters of appreciation to a society devoted to Murphy’s memory. They (including myself) believe his works were instrumental in getting them through tough times and achieving financial success. His works receive high ratings from readers almost all the time. They have been translated into several languages. This last point alone testifies to their power in modern culture.

Even though the writer has long since passed away, Murphy’s books are never out of print. They include “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” “Miracles of the Mind,” and “Magic of Faith.” Murphy made it clear that much of the power men and women seek is already within them if they overcome their mind’s potential to overwhelm them.

Here are some of my favorite books from Dr Joseph Murphy:

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Miracles of Your Mind

Your Infinite Power to be Rich

Magic of Faith


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