IBS: Some ideas

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects thousands of people in North America. As a result of this condition, they experience frequent gastric discomfort and irregular bowel movements. They are either constipated or suffering from diarrhea much of the time, even nauseated, but their pain and suffering could be mitigated by consuming certain natural products. If symptoms involve dizziness, severe cramping, or blood in the stools, talk to a doctor. In the meantime, you could ease symptoms by trying these supplements and/or foods because a doctor probably doesn’t have medicine for what ails you.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Eat foods in these categories and maybe you won’t need anything else. Prebiotics prepare the gastrointestinal tract to receive probiotics or beneficial live bacteria. Before you cringe, bacteria are already inside your body in their billions, often the bad kinds which love a diet rich in refined carbs. Prepare with prebiotics such as chicory (coffee replacement) or garlic. Drop some of the sugar from your diet and replace refined foods with a bowl of plain yogurt and berries plus a dollop of honey. Honey is a healing, natural sugar. Yogurt with 4% or 5% fat is thick and creamy and honey cuts down the acidity. Meanwhile, berries provide immune-supporting antioxidants plus fiber to help keep you regular, not to mention wonderful flavors. Plain yogurt contains live bacteria which will thrive in their new environment.

If you are allergic to dairy products, consider trying soy or almond-milk yogurt containing live active bacteria. Try plain varieties in favor of flavored, sugary ones. Yogurt is simply disgusting to some consumers, so other foods to try include miso soup and fermented vegetables. Another option is to take probiotic supplements. Conduct your own research to determine which of these is the most effective as they tend to be expensive and you will need to take them every day.


There is a strong chance you aren’t eating fiber. Most North Americans are undisciplined this way and they make things worse by eating baked, sugary foods which contribute to bloating and loose stools. If you are going to eat a muffin for breakfast, at least make it yourself using bran, whole wheat flour, and oats unless you have discovered that wheat is causing some of your problems. Then make sure it’s a wheat-free muffin and choose oat bran, flax meal, plus molasses, honey, and brown sugar for sweetness. Throw in nuts, seeds, and fruit like grated apple.

A better meal is a bowl of oatmeal with nuts, berries, seeds, honey, and/or flax meal or even nutritional yeast. The flavor of nutritional yeast is strong, so add a little at a time until you can handle about one to two teaspoons in your bowl with the oats. Choose thick oats or, better yet, steel cut oats. These will provide fiber, protein, and other nutrients but it’s the fiber that should matter to you. The oats, yeast, and fruit are packed with soluble fibers which help your body to get into a regular gastric rhythm. In other words, you will poop more regularly and stools will be fully formed. Be sure to drink enough water too: fiber requires water in order to do its thing.Consider taking a fiber supplement as an alternative.


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