Anxiety & Vitamin B & D

Anxiety and panic attacks are on the rise in modern society. Some say it’s because the pace of life is so stressful, others that nutrients are gone from our food. A better approach would be to say both things are true. Address the stressors in your life rather than trying to cover them with treatment. If the cause of anxiety is physiological rather than situational, however, taking supplements could help relieve the symptoms, but always talk to your doctor. Serious anxiety should always be addressed professionally.

Supplements or Food?

Do you really need to take a pill or a powdered drink mix in order to obtain relief from symptoms of panic and anxiety? It is possible the diet could be a better place to start. Indeed, take a look at what you eat. Are meals well balanced? Do you eat vegetables and fruits of all colors, lean meat and poultry, whole grains, and legumes? If not, then you could be depriving your body of ingredients that run a healthy nervous system and help to balance hormones. Start there, and if your efforts to eat better don’t work, come back to the notion of supplements.

Supplements that Might Work

There are no guarantees, but the following products could help you to relax. Magnesium is at the top of our list because it is so commonly deficient in the modern, western diet. Consumers obtain magnesium from dark, leafy, green vegetables, oats, grains, and other sources. They can also take this mineral as a pill or a powder, often in combination with calcium which is also neglected. These and other minerals support nervous system health and prevent problems like Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), a frustrating cause of many sleepless nights and ongoing anxiety among countless North Americans.

Vitamin D

One reason the absence of sun affects people so much is that this is the primary source of Vitamin D. Without it, our bodies do not absorb minerals as easily. Vitamin D is important in its own right too as seen in the frequency of Seasonal Affective Disorder. The easiest way to take this as a supplement is to buy drops. A little goes a long way.

B Vitamins

The nervous system, metabolism, and hormones require B Vitamins found in turkey, grains, and bananas. Don’t deprive yourself: consume more of these foods or take a tablet every day containing a mixture of the many B-Vitamins with their manifold roles in the body.


It’s not a supplement, but exercise releases feel good chemicals into the bloodstream which fight stress and promote a sense of peace. You also sleep better when you exercise and tend to feel good about yourself.


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