Let’s talk Plasti-Dip.


Let’s start with the basics.

I always prep whatever surface I am going to plasti-dip with rubbing alcohol (the kind you find at a pharmacy  or grocery store) and a microfiber towel. (I don’t use paper towels for this since I don’t want any paper residue left behind).

Next I use blue painters masking tape and get as close to whatever I am painting as I can:


I then take more blue painters tape with some newspaper sheets and go around the emblem again:


Now, a couple things I wish I knew before I tried this for the first time: Make sure your plasti-dip can is warm! If it is too cold, when you shake it to mix it, tiny air bubbles will stay  in the can and come out when you are spraying. I like to let my can sit in the sun for a few hours before I use it. (Not when it’s too hot, maybe on a 70* day).

I also shake the can for a good 60-90 seconds. Then I let it sit for about 30 seconds. That way if there is air bubbles in the can, they should dissipate.

I also always keep a large piece of newspaper near whatever I am about to spray, so I can test spray before each coat to make sure the plasti-dip is mixed correctly and there are no air bubbles.

Spray nice, light coats. The first 1-2 coats will look speckled, this is normal. You do not want to go to heavy on coats, especially the first coat.

I usually allow about 15 minutes of dry time between coats. (Don’t forget to test-spray your newspaper between coats. Often my nozzle gets clogged and does not provide an even spray pattern. If this happens, just peel the dried plasti-dip off the nozzle with your finger).

When I am finished, I gently peel the tape & newspaper layer off of the car.

Then I peel the first tape layer off carefully as well. You can see when painting an emblem, the plasti-dip almost comes off perfectly from the paint:


To get the plasti-dip off the painted surface (around an emblem for example) I like to go around the emblem with a pick, making sure it separates nicely between the emblem and the paint. Some people use razors, but be careful not to scratch anything, or yourself. I like to keep the pick parallel with the paint:


Here are the emblems I did on my 2014 Jeep. The finish should be smooth, even and a little rubbery. Not a lot of texture.




2 thoughts on “Plasti-Dip

  1. lovely post thank you i did same what you did and the outcome was outstanding.
    i want to dip the grill of the jeep srt is there any way without removing the front bumper?


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