Anxiety: Supplements


There are so many different supplements on the market for anxiety, it’s insanity. How TF would anyone know where to start? Hopefully my experiences can help someone else. Here are the different supplements/vitamins for anxiety I have tried:

St Johns Wart
Valerian Root
Kava Kava
Passion Flower
Homeopathic Kali phosphoricum
B vitamins
Green tea
Essential Oils

All of these are great. Overall,  5-HTP is my favorite, it help me the most. I still use a diffuser almost daily with essential oil (usually lavender, lemon or peppermint, or all mixed) because it smells so good. Also small doses of melatonin helped me sleep. But one of THE most important ‘supplements’ for anxiety is self care; I cannot stress that enough. If you are not eating or sleeping right, throw everything else out the window. There are a couple things that are absolute NO-NO’s if you are anxious and those include:

Sugary foods

Caffeine and sugar affect those with anxiety differently, we are more sensitive. It does not mean you can never have coffee ever again, but maybe switch to decaf for a little while, or even tea. I know you probably hear this everywhere but try to limit processed food, sugar and caffeine intake before even thinking about dealing with anxiety. And make sure to take a good quality multi-vitamin & mineral, I get mine at trader joes.

I put a link on all the above products if anyone is wondering the brands I trust.


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