Anxiety – A Brief History

Ahhh Anxiety.

(If Only I could have Morgan Freeman narrate this post, this topic would actually be soothing).

Many people including myself suffer from Anxiety.

From generalized anxiety to chronic panic attacks, this condition affects many people, and some may not even realize it.

For me, I can remember feeling anxious from as young as five years old. I would try to fall asleep, and find myself panicking whether school kids would like me or not. Anxiety can be misunderstood by many around you, and debilitating, like mine. But there is hope. I certainly found some.

It was not until many years later that I realized this was anxiety and I sought help.

Finding help for anxiety is like going to a large supermarket, into the cereal aisle, and trying to pick one of the 600 different cereals, when you have no idea what cereal you like. Its overwhelming to say the least. My quest for knowledge and relief started over 20 years ago, I was willing to try anything.

I have had years of therapy visits, read countless books, tried C.B.T. (cognitive behavioral therapy), meditation, self-hypnosis, medications, affirmations, paid workshop programs, supplements, cognitive thought processes, journal-ling, spiritual prayer therapy, you name it.

One of the biggest factors I have come to realize for me, is my thoughts are the number one culprit. They add fuel to the fire. And thoughts are a lot more powerful than we give them credit for.

I can say I have found relief. Does anxiety ever disappear completely? No. But can it be managed and minimized to a fraction of its previous power? Absolutely. I am going to write more about the individual things and ideas that have helped me to live a serene life. Read about some of my favorite methods here.




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