Can we talk about Amazon? Is there anyone who doesn’t know about amazon right now? I have been a loyal Amazon customer since 2007 and I absolutely love Amazon. They sure have come a long way since then. Which brings me to my next topic; Prime. Amazon prime is LIFE CHANGING. There is rarely a time when I need something and it is NOT available on prime, and is usually competitively priced. 
For anyone who does not know, amazon prime is $99 a year and includes free 2 day shipping on virtually everything (even big stuff like furniture), and you can often upgrade to overnight shipping for like $5-10. Wait, seriously? How do they even do this? I recently sold a retail business last year and used amazon prime 2 day shipping, multiple times a day for supplies. It was a life saver. (They should add a running tally somewhere to show how much you saved in shipping, that would be awesome 🙂 ).

Anyway, you get prime video – movies & TV shows for free and there are tons to choose from. Some exclusive to amazon.

You also get prime music, which lets you stream music for free, even new release stuff!

Prime early access – 30 minute early access to things on sale (I haven’t even tried this yet).

Kindle books – You can choose one featured early release book for FREE every month with Kindle First. Or borrow one Kindle Book per month from over 500,000 titles for free on any Kindle device with no due dates.

All this for $99 a year? Are you kidding  me?

I also find lots of stuff I can’t find locally in stores, like organic supplements, laundry detergent, snacks, sometimes I even buy bottled water on amazon, because who wants to lug it to your car from the store and into the house? Amazon Prime is genius. Oh – I also heard they will be offering same day delivery and grocery services… Does it ever end? I am pretty sure you could survive on never leaving your house and only purchasing every life essential from Amazon. 



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